How Does Dolled N' Dressed Work?

    Rent in Person:

    1. Find a dress: sort by event and browse through our website to find the perfect one for you.
    2. Reserve it: Contact us by phone or email, to reserve a dress for a certain event and book an appointment with us.
    3. Visit Us: come to our location on your designated appointment date. You can try on your dress, or browse through other available selections if you decide that it is not right for you!
    4. Payment: We accept cash or credit and require all of our customers to bring a credit card with them for deposit purposes.  
    5. Return: You have 7 days to return your dress back to our address. Please notify us ahead of time when you will be dropping your dress off. All dresses should be returned in their proper packaging on the day scheduled.   

    What if I accidentally damage a dress?

    • Some damages such as minor stains and tears are inevitable. This is covered by our $5.00 insurance fee. If you wish to purchase insurance on your rental contact us and we will add it to your final cost.
    • However, significant damage and theft are not covered by this fee
    • If dress is damaged beyond repair, then the fee is the full retail price of the dress.
    • If the dress is never returned then we will charge you double the retail price.
    • In the case that a dress is damaged and you have the dress reserved, we will contact you in advance and assist you accordingly with replacement or reimbursement.

      How Are Dresses Cleaned?

      • We want to ensure that every dress is cleaned to perfection, which is why we have teamed up with Blue Leaf Cleaners. They provide a wet cleaning service on all of our garments which is an Eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning.
      Some advantages of this include:
      • Use of biodegradable detergents
      • Free of dry cleaning chemicals and harmful solvents
      • Perfect for sensitive skin
      • Excellent cleaning results
      • Gentle processing of delicate fabrics
      • Environmentally friendly processes

      -Blue Leaf Cleaners

      When can I make a reservation for my dress?

      • By using our calendar you have the option of reserving your dress 4 months in advance.
      • Simply select the date that you wish to have your dressed delivered by.
      • If a dress is unavailable for your specific event date, keep checking back; there is a wait list.

        Is Tailoring allowed?

        • No, tailoring our dresses is not permitted, as what fits best on you may be different for someone else.

        Our Cancellation and Refund Policy:

        Cancellations 30 days before selected delivery date:

        • You will receive a refund of the original payment
        Cancellations fewer than 30 days but more than 14 days:
        • You will receive a store credit
        Cancellations fewer than 14 days:
        • A fee of $8.25 will apply.