Adopt -A-Dress Program

With just a quick look through your closet, you will spot at least one beautiful dress sitting on a hanger; lonely, and sad with nowhere to be worn. What once made you feel beautiful, is now giving you buyer's remorse and crowding your closet space! 

Dolled N’ Dressed understands how you feel perfectly and we want to help you solve this dilemma, which is why we created the Adopt A Dress program. Through this program we allow you to rent your dress out to other girls through our company. 

Our Guidelines: 

  • We only accept dresses that have been worn once and are in GOOD condition 
  • Dresses cannot be more than 2 years outdated. We want dresses that are trendy and still in style. 
  • All dresses must be dry cleaned prior to putting them through our Adopt- A- Dress Program.


If you are interested in this service, a contract is drafted between the consigner and Dolled N' Dressed. Book an appointment with us and we will go over the contract and what this program entails in greater detail.