About Us


At the back of every women’s mind there is a simple rule when it comes to shopping for an event; no dress could ever be worn twice and the next dress has to be better than the last.

This is true for a majority of females, however living by this rule can be quite pricey and stressful. But why should you have to settle? So much stress goes into looking glamorous for one big day, from endless trips to the mall, to trying on a variety of styles, we get it!

Once your pictures have been taken and your event is over you're left taking home yet another dress to add to your closet.

We the founders of Dolled N’ Dressed understand this challenge perfectly, which is why we have made it our top priority to make looking fabulous so much easier. We are a small Canadian company located in Hamilton, Ontario.

We hope to offer our customers the best possible service and make shopping for a dress effortless. Our wide selection features brand name dresses for a fraction of the cost. 

We believe that you should never settle for one dress when you can have an endless closet.